Should You Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Immigration attorneys are well-versed in immigration procedures.

Potential immigrants will need the services of immigration lawyers to make the immigration process less stressful. This lawyer is the only person who can help you in case of legal complications or visa problems. The U.S. Department of State and Citizenship and Immigration Service are two federal government agencies that you can approach for assistance. Yet, it is still advisable to acquire the services of lawyers because of the complexities of immigration in the US.

Lawyers versus Government Agencies

As mentioned earlier, you can consult representatives of government departments for immigration concerns. However, there are disadvantages in dealing with these offices. Government information officers are not provided with legal training in US immigration laws and often not abreast with current developments. Moreover, said agencies are not accountable for the information that their employees provide. In fact, the primary objective of the Citizenship and Immigration Service is to be very strict with immigrants. Lack of adequate resources prevent government personnel to deal with complicated cases properly. You can do things personally but lack of expertise can lead to costly mistakes.

On the other hand, the competent visa immigration lawyer can easily get a clear picture of any problem in this field. You can work with this attorney in building your case and act as representative in any legal petition. Lawyers can explain that your case conforms to legal and immigration requirements. These experts can use their resources in addressing problems or making an appeal. Be careful in dealing with alleged immigration consultants since these people may be operating illegally without licenses or are not well-versed with US immigration policy.

The lawyer takes care of preparing and processing your petitions. He or she will guide you in the documentation process. Attorneys organize your papers to prove to the US citizen and immigration services of your eligibility. These professionals are comfortable in working with government agencies regarding your needs and issues.

Criteria in Finding Lawyers

You have to consider several factors in looking for the capable immigration attorney. The lawyer should be affiliated with the American Immigration Lawyers Association because this organization has latest information regarding immigration concerns and developments. The legal expert should have built a good reputation in the immigration sector. Immigration is an exclusive practice and immigration law is full of ambiguities. Only experienced immigration lawyers can help you look forward to a favorable outcome. Majority of lawyers work on flat fee arrangements although some will ask for contingency or hourly billing. You have to test the waters before signing a formal contract. It may not be practical to hire one who charges too much. However, it is also not prudent to get an immigration attorney who asks for very low fees. You have to make sure that you are talking to a very adept lawyer. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you can win your case. The good attorney will not make false promises and will simply come up with an impartial assessment of your case.