Different Types of Immigrant Petitions

The federal government of the United States offers citizens from other countries the rare opportunity to gain permanent residence in this country.

The US citizen can file an immigrant petition to be able to bring family members to the United States. It is difficult and entails a laborious process. You also need to be very knowledgeable of US immigration laws. This often happens due to the lack of proper perception about petitions. Any petition should be accompanied by all required documents and strong reason why the immigrant visa status should be approved.

The green card will give you the chance to live and work in the US on a permanent basis. You can gain permanent residency if sponsored by a relative or employer from this nation. You may be qualified to file this application. There are different steps to acquire permanent residency status whether you are living inside or outside the country. The principal categories consist of green cards through family, employment and by way of refugee or asylum condition.

Processes in Obtaining the Green Card

There are steps that you need to undertake to obtain the US green card. You have multiple alternatives such as the following:

  • Family-based green card
  • The Annual Green Card Lottery
  • Green card through (EB-5) which means that one can be a permanent resident by establishing a new business and providing employment for a minimum of 10 US citizens, permanent lawful citizens and immigrants with employment authorization.
  • Green card through asylum or refugee

If you want to know how to get a green card, you will be required to submit credentials to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. However, it is possible for you to gain access to the U.S. through an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

Suggestions in Gaining Entry to the US

You can go to the United States as a tourist, to study or seek employment. However, with immigrant visa status, you enjoy all legal benefits that will enable you to live and get a job in any part of the U.S. You can even do this if you are already in any of the States through a process described as adjustment of status. However, not are qualified to change status.

It is possible to acquire the services of immigration lawyers to help you with the processes in immigration, once you get to the US and you want to shift to permanent resident status. It can be done through a member of the family who can sponsor you for green card category. The second alternative is the Diversity Visa lottery which is held every year. You can also obtain a green card through a work offer from a qualified American employer. In case you are accorded asylum or refugee status, you can still apply for a US visa. The conditional resident, who acquired a green card by marriage, gets a card that is applicable merely for two years. This individual needs to do away with the conditions at least three months prior to expiration of the visa. If these conditions are not removed, the person loses resident status.